Scheduling for businesses that want to improve continuity.

We develop algorithms that automatically can generate schedules for home care businesses. The algorithms are specially developed to handle requirements set by the home care businesses.

Tool in beta.

Base schedule. 
Set your requirements.

Our tool can create a new base schedule based on information about available staff, current clients, tasks to be performed, time conditions, data on distance and travel times, rights to perform tasks and the requirements for continuity that have been specified.

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Handle quickly.

You can complete a partial schedule based on changed requirements (in case of illness, staff changes and changed circumstances of the clients).

Route optimization.
Reduce driving time.

When a schedule is created, route optimization is also done when driving schedules are created for each staff member and each day, so that the total travel period is minimized.

We have ongoing dialogues with beta testers of the tool. Both with home care companies and schedulers. In addition to the fact that scheduling is time consuming, many people find it complicated to create schedules that are optimized for continuity and efficiency. We do this automatically.

An insight into the beta tool.

Step 1.

Fill in the data that describes your business, e.g. staff, rights, delegations, clients, services ordered, time conditions, allergies, different types of preferences. In addition, requirements for continuity and requirements of efficiency (occupancy rate).

Press (+) to see staff data.

Staff 1

Staff 2

Press (+) to see client data.

Client 1

Client 2

Step 2.

Create a schedule. Select the staff members to be scheduled and the clients who have been granted assignments for the period. Also select the requirements for the schedule. 

Exempel på val av personal

This is an illustration of the tool.

Skapa nytt schema
Personal 1
Personal 2
Personal 3
Personal 4

Step 3.

See your schedule and relevant statistics. You can see the schedule for both clients and staff. The tool can also be used to complete an existing schedule.

Would you like to see what a final schedule looks like? Book a free demo presentation with us.