With an increasing proportion of elderly people in society, we need to think creatively to meet the increased need of home care.

We work with researchers

We collaborate with researchers and developers in the field of advanced optimization algorithms.


We work with home care companies

Would your home care company want to be involved in designing tomorrow's tools for scheduling?

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Stalmarck Resource Optimization offers.


We actively listen to our customers and stakeholders to develop our value proposition in the best way.


We are creative and innovative so that we can develop simple and smart solutions to complex problems.


We have direct contact with our customers and stakeholders to gain trust and build long-term relationships.

Management team


David has been interested in technology and mathematics since childhood, and has received home education in mathematics and logic from his parents. David also competes in mathematics and programming. David is also an entrepreneur and initiator of Stålmarck Resource Optimization. David is studying the Master of Science in Engineering Mathematics at Lund University.


Oliver is studying Business Developer at Hyper Island, a school specializing in digital media, marketing and digital strategies. Oliver has developed his skills in project management, UI / UX and front-end development from his involvement in the consulting firm MicroAA Labs.

Business Development

Per Albin

Per Albin studies informatics at Södertörn University and is the ambassador for the program. Per Albin also studies courses in artificial intelligence at Luleå University of Technology. Per Albin adds expertise in business development and sales through his involvement as a consultant in MicroAA Labs.


Kelvin studies the medical program at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and reads independent courses in Artificial Intelligence at the same university. Kelvin also collaborates with a research group lead by senior lecturer Martin Eklund. The group applies Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. Interest in programming has existed since childhood. Recently, Kelvins focus has been on system integration i.e. developing web APIs. A skill that Kelvin is adding in Stålmarck Resource Optimization.

Business Development


Gunnar adds extensive experience of research, entrepreneurship and industrialization of research results. Gunnar has a university degree in theoretical philosophy and has been active as a researcher, lecturer and supervisor, among other things he worked as an adjunct professor of applied computer science at Chalmers University of Technology. Gunnar is also the founder of Prover Technology, a company focused on industrialization of formal methods that Gunnar led for 20 years.

Advisory board
Our years of experience

Monika Laud-Claassen

Monika has a long and broad experience in corporate communication and marketing communication. From press campaigns with companies such as Compaq, IBM, French Telecom, SCO, Aeroflot, Malaysia and Hugo Boss to international press manager for Nasdaq-listed SCO. Monika has also led an award-winning launch of a Swedish startup in the American market. Today, Monika successfully runs her own design and interior design stores in North America.

Simon Bolton
Marketing and sales

Simon started his professional life as a graduate trainee at Ogilvy & Mather, for 15 years he worked for the agency network across their London, Bangkok and New York offices on major international assignments. He also lived and worked in Singapore, Malaysia and San Francisco with other international agencies before returning to the UK to take up the reins at JWT. He shifted to the Brand and Design industry in 2007. He was appointed by WPP to lead major design agencies: BrandUnion, FITCH and SET Creative. As global CEO, he moved to New York and led those networks from 2015.

Tony Rogvall
Software development and entreprenourship

Tony has long experience as a programmer, entrepreneur and investor. After university studies in mathematics and computer science, Tony began to develop technology for formal verification in the startup company Prover Technology, followed by a period as co-designer of the programming language Erlang at Ericsson. Since then, Tony has been involved in creating successful startups such as Bluetail and Synaps. In recent years, Tony has invested in several Swedish startups and also actively participated in the companies' product development.

Lisa Barkman
Scheduling and logistics for home care businesses

Lisa has through her work as a coordinator and care staff in various home care companies gained a broad and in-depth understanding of how the home care service works and how it can be improved. Lisa has a degree in industrial and financial economics from the School of Economics at the University of Gothenburg and wrote her bachelor's thesis in the field of capacity planning and scheduling within home care.